Gaining Experience

Gaining Experience

Gaining experience is one of the best ways for you to learn whether or not a field or career may be of interest to you. It can also be a way for you to develop skills that would be applicable across a number of fields. Consider some of the strategies below for developing these skills:

Participate in Extracurricular/Volunteer Activities

Behrend has many clubs and organizations for you to get involved with. In addition, the Center for Civic Engagement can help connect you with volunteer activities in the community.

Seek Part-time/Summer Jobs

  • Any experience can be valuable in leading to new interests, acquiring new skills and enhancing your professional contacts
  • Your summer/part-time job will help you reach your goals by developing additional skills that can carry over into your professional future, even if your current job seems unrelated to your future career. For example, being a food server will teach you patience, customer service, efficiency, time management and interpersonal skills
  • Consider connecting your summer/part-time work with your academic and career goals. For example, if you are interested in publishing, seek employment with a local media outlet
  • Check out part-time and summer opportunities on the Nittany Lion Career Network or through the Financial Aid Office.
  • Be proactive and ask employers about summer/part-time work opportunities (don’t wait for something to be advertised)

Take a Class or Conduct Research in a Field of Interest

Seek Internships/Co-ops related to your Field

  • Check with your Academic College
  • Visit the Internships page

How the ACPC Can Help

  • Drop-in and/or seek individual career counseling to identify strategies for building experience
  • Career Library has information on how to build experience
  • Review workshops and events for upcoming workshops
  • Attend career fairs for internships and summer/part-time jobs
  • Review Nittany Lion Career Network for part-time and volunteer postings