Penn State Behrend Master Plan Development

Penn State Behrend Master Plan Development

Steering Committee

  • Ralph Ford, Chancellor
  • Bob Light, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Outreach and COO
  • Dawn Blasko, Interim Associate Dean for Academics
  • Randy Geering, Senior Director of Business and Operations
  • Ken Miller, Senior Director of Student Affairs and Campus Planning
  • Bill Gonda, Senior Director of Strategic Communications
  • Gordon Turow, University Director of Campus Planning and Design
  • Steven Watson, University Planner
  • Dave Zehngut, University Architect 
  • David Breon, University Manager of Space Planning and Management


Master Planning Committee

  • Jeff Coy, Assistant Professor of Finance, Black School of Business
  • Sharon Dale, Professor of Art History, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Marty Kociolek, Director of the School of Science
  • Russ Warley, Director of the School of Engineering
  • Ann Bolla Quinn, Lecturer in Biology, Greener Behrend Task Force
  • Amy Bridger, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy & External Engagement
  • Josh Sitter, Student Government Association
  • Paige Allen, Business Student/Student Athlete
  • Andrea Konkol, Associate Director of Admissions 
  • Brian Streeter, Senior Director of Athletics
  • Mike Lindner, Director of Housing and Food Service
  • Kevin Moore, Director, Development and Alumni Relations
  • Rande Joy, Business Operations Manager
  • Scott McCain, Chair, Council of Fellows
  • Herm Weber, Member, Council of Fellows 
  • Kelly Hess, Superintendent, Harbor Creek School District
  • Chuck Peters, President, Altair Property Management
  • Dean Pepicello, Supervisor, Harborcreek Township 
  • Katrina Smith, President and CEO, DevelopErie
  • Kathy Wyrodick, Director, Erie County Planning 


Master Planning Schedule

Spring Semester 2016: Production 

  • Work with campus leadership to refine input from progress update meeting
  • Campus Planning and Design (CP+D) develops 3-Phase Master Plan program
    • Plan A: Current Priorities (funds available from Capital Plan, campus, or donor)
    • Plan B: Future Opportunities (beyond current Capital Plan, no definitive time frame)
    • Plan C: Long Term Possibilities (decades in the future, yet informs decision-making
  • CP+D produces draft graphics for master plan (alternates may be considered)

Spring Semester 2016: Meeting 3 (before graduation)

  • Review Final Master Plan vision and primary goals
  • 3-Phase Master Plan program and corresponding Master Plan concept graphics

Summer 2016: University Review and Approval of Behrend Master Plan

  • Present preliminary Master Plan to Provost, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business, Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses, and Associate Vice President for the Office of Physical Plant for approval
  • Refine preliminary Master Plan, if required
  • Present final Master Plan to the University's Facilities Resources Committee for approval