Accounting Major (ACNTG)

Program Chair: Dr. Greg Filbeck

Disciplinary Leader: Dr. Chuck Brown

There's a reason why the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants calls accounting "a career without limits." In addition to preparing students for the traditional roles of CPA, cost accountant, government accountant, or internal auditor, the Accounting major provides a solid foundation for careers in underwriting and actuarial science, financial services, forensic investigation, and law.

The Accounting major at Penn State Erie integrates training in accounting with preparation in other business disciplines, including management information systems and finance. Accounting is more than bookkeeping and number-crunching. Accountants in all sectors are expected to be strategic business advisers who can anticipate and communicate organizational challenges and offer creative problem-solving skills. 

As business transactions grow more complex, the need for accountants increases. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job opportunities in accounting to grow 10 percent to 20 percent from 2010 through 2020.

Students can also pursue multiple majors. Some of the more common other majors that Accounting majors pursue:

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