International Business Major (INT B)

Program Chair: Dr. Diane Parente

As the world shrinks, the demand for decision-makers versed in the culture and language of other countries grows. To fill this need, the Penn State Board of Trustees in 2001 approved creation of an International Business degree program at Penn State Erie.

International Business is a dual-degree program. The International Business curriculum emphasizes the knowledge and the skills required to accomplish organizational objectives while coordinating human, material, information, and financial resources across national boundaries. A second School of Business major adds depth of business knowledge (you can choose Accounting, Business Economics, Economics, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing). With careful planning, the program can be completed in four years.

A required study abroad component is distinct to the International Business major. Penn State offers 130 study programs in forty-two countries-from Aberystwyth, Wales to Wellington, New Zealand-through a variety of organizations. Programs vary in length from spring break to a full year abroad. An international programs adviser is available to help students make the selection that best meets their educational needs.  For more information on these study abroad opportunities please go to the following website.


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