Lake Effect, Volume 10

Spring 2006
Volume 10

Aimee Pogson’s “The Dance I Danced for You” listed as a Notable Essay of 2006 in The Best American essays 2007, edited by David Foster Wallace.

Lisa Akus’ “Killdeer” a Special Mention for Poetry in Pushcart Prize XXXII: Best of the Small Presses 2008, edited by Bill Henderson.

Edith Pearlman’s “Speak to Me of Love” a Special Mention for Fiction in Pushcart Prize XXXII: Best of the Small Presses 2008, edited by Bill Henderson.


Contributors and Samples:

Lisa Akus
Cathy Capozzoli
Joan Connor
    Finding Carla
Norman Dubie
Richard Foerster
Scott Gallaway
Beckian Fritz Goldberg
Thomas Gough
Barbara Hass
Rick Henry
Mark Irwin
David James
Betsy Johnson-Miller
Susan Ludvigson
Al Maginnes
Aimee Pogson
Curtis Smith
    from Giraffes and the
    Unspeakable Beneath

Cody Todd
Francine Marie Tolf
    Tiger Lilies
Gabriel Welsch
Mark Wisniewski

Dan Albergotti
Sandra Castillo
Keith Doak
Katherine Sánchez Espano
Carol Frith
Peter Geye
Tara Gorvine
Jeff Gundy
Robert Haynes
Christopher Howell
Richard Jackson
    Desperate Note from Byron's Palace
    in Lerici
Gabrielle Jesiolowski
J. T. Ledbetter
    from Miss Letha and
    the Brides of Jesus
Dana Mackowiak
Edith Pearlman
Erin T. Pringle
Philip Terman
Jim Tolan
Christine Veladota
Ruth Williams

Editorial Staff

George Looney, Editor-in-Chief
George Looney

Fiction Editor:
Justin Brusino

Poetry Editor:
Raleigh Lee

Poetry Editor:
Corey Zeller

Nonfiction Editor:
Kimberly Pitek

Consulting Editors: Sean Thomas Dougherty, Tom Noyes

Assistant Editors: Lisa Akus, Prema Bangera, Jason Booth, Elizabeth Bross, Patrick Doyle, Amanda Dziubkowski, Allison Gray, Matt Grolemund, Amanda Kinross, Rhonda Kumer, Danielle Payer, James E. Salyers, Edward Thiry IV, De'Adra Walker

Cover Artist: Kathy Merski
Cover Design: Chris Majerik
Technical Consultant: Wendy Kallgren

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