Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics Certificate (ACSCBC)

This certificate program is designed to prepare both current and returning students for a career as an actuary. Students completing the certificate are prepared to pass the P/1 (Probability), FM/2 (Financial Mathematics) examinations and would obtain VEE credit (courses in italics) for economics, corporate finance, and applied statistical methods topics once a second actuarial examination is passed. The certificate requires a total of 31 or 32 credit hours and can be completed concurrently with a Penn State Behrend degree or via continuing education.




MATH 230

Calculus and Vector Analysis


STAT 301

Statistical Analysis I


STAT 401 or SCM 200 or STAT 200

Experimental Methods
Introduction to Statistics for Business
Elementary Statistics

3 or 4

STAT 414

Introduction to Probability Theory


STAT 462

Applied Regression Analysis


ECON 481 or

ECON 485

Business Forecasting Techniques



ECON 102

(formerly  ECON 002)

Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy


ECON 104

(formerly  ECON 004)

Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy


FIN 301

Corporation Finance


FIN 427

Derivative Securities


Students must earn a "C" or better in each of the above courses to earn the Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics Certificate.


Q: Is the actuarial mathematics and statistics program available in the evenings or weekends?
A: No

Q: Can the actuarial mathematics and statistics program be completed via the internet?
A: No

Q: What prerequisites are required before entering this program?
A: MATH 141 and ACCTG 211. FIN 427 has a prerequisite of FIN 420 that may be waived with permission from the instructor.

Q: Can I use courses from my major or minor to complete the certificate?
A: Yes. Any of the above courses may be used to complete requirements for a major, minor, or certificate simultaneously, unless otherwise specifically stated by another program of study.

Q: Are there any other courses that are recommended, but not required, for the certificate?
A: Yes. A series of one credit SAS courses are available through the Penn State World Campus that employers have indicated are useful. They are:

STAT 480: Introduction to Statistical Program Package
STAT 481: Intermediate SAS for Data Management
STAT 482: Advanced Statistical Procedures in SAS

Q: Where can I find more information about preparing for the P/1 and FM/2 exams?
A: From the Be an Actuary website.


For specific information about the program contact the School of Science,visit the Actuarial Science at Penn State Behrend web page, or contact Dr. Michael Rutter.

Receiving the Certificate

When you complete all of the required courses, please fill out the "Application for Certificate Completion" and return it to the Registrar's Office, 206 Metzgar Center.

The college also offers four-year degrees in Mathematics and Finance.

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