Workday is Coming!

Penn State is in the midst of an effort to transform Human Resources into a more agile, strategic organization. This transformation utilizes technology to centralize and streamline processes so that all employees can access one portal, called WorkLion, to initiate and complete essential tasks, processes, and much more. Workday, one of the technologies enabling this transformation, is a cloud-based solution that will replace Penn State’s legacy HR & payroll systems. Workday and the WorkLion employee portal will launch in June of 2017.

All Penn State employees, including faculty, staff, technical service, and students, will interact with Workday and its various features. Workday’s user-friendly interface is designed with employees in mind. You will be able to access and update information such as direct deposit accounts, benefit elections, and tax withholdings through a web browser on your computer or mobile device.

To learn more about this change, please visit the WorkLion website, or contact the PSU implementation team