About the Computer Center

About the Computer Center

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General Information

The Computer Center administrative offices are located on the first floor of the Hammermill Building.  The Computer Center manages thirteen public labs as well as many school-specific labs.  The school-specific labs are only available to students in those curriculums.  The school labs typically offer discipline-specific software as well as a limited selection of general software.

The public labs are located in the following buildings:  Burke, Hammermill, Lilley Library, Nick, and Witkowski.  The hours of the public labs are listed in the chart above and on the Computer Center’s web site.  The public labs are available to all students except when the labs are scheduled for classes.  However, the Lilley Library lab (room 4) and the CyberLounge lab in Hammermill (H135) are never scheduled for classes and are always open to students.  In addition, several of the public labs are available 24/7 with PSU ID card access. 

The workstations in the public and school-specific labs are networked to a common server cluster and storage array.  The PCs are configured with Intel processors and run under the Windows 7 operating system.  A variety of software is available in the public labs including course-specific software, general application software (such as Microsoft Office), and Internet software (for Web browsing, etc.).



The vision of the General Electric Foundation Computer Center is to provide high-quality computing facilities and services for faculty, students, and staff in order to support the teaching, research, and educational endeavors of the college.  We aspire to create a quality environment in which faculty, students, and staff may utilize our resources to the best of their abilities.



The General Electric Foundation Computer Center's goal is to be regarded as a department which is committed to being above the norm in service, knowledge, and equipment.  In particular, our mission is to:

  • provide knowledgeable and committed staff to service our customers

  • provide training and facilities that serve the needs of faculty, students, and staff

  • provide the latest in computer technology for hardware, software, and campus networking