Computer Labs

Computer Labs

The Computer Center consists of several public labs on campus, including:

  1. Burke 153:  38 PCs
  2. Burke 175:  48 PCs
  3. Burke 176:  48 PCs
  4. CyberLounge, Hammermill 135:  26 PCs
  5. Hammermill 139: 16 PCs
  6. Hammermill 143:  35 PCs
  7. Kochel 77:  26 PCs
  8. Library Lab (Room 201):  25 PCs
  9. Library Lab (Room 6): 20 PCs
  10. Nick 155:  48 PCs
  11. Nick 156:  48 PCs
  12. Witkowski 109:  27 PCs
  13. Witkowski 110:  27 PCs

These public labs are available to Penn State Behrend students, faculty, and staff during regularly scheduled hours of the Computer Center unless otherwise posted or reserved for classes.

The computer labs are scheduled on a priority basis to provide an equal opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to use the lab facilities.  Faculty and staff may schedule computer labs through the Manager of IT Support Services.  If you are interested in scheduling a lab for seminars or classes, see the guidelines for Scheduling Labs.


Public Lab Facilities

The PCs have access to a variety of software applications via a file server.  For instance, there is software for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, Web pages, and much more.  In addition, all PCs have an Internet connection that allows for e-mail and Web browsing.

Each public lab also contains a black-and-white laser printer and there is no charge for printing.  If you need color copies, contact the Copy and Multimedia Center.


PC Configuration

All public computer labs are upgraded in a cyclical manner and have varied specifications.  Please email if you would like to know a lab's specific configuration.