New Features for Meeting@PennState

New Features for Meeting@PennState

Information Technology Services (ITS) recently upgraded Meeting@Penn State. This upgrade offers a better user interface, including enhanced audio and video controls, unified attendee management, and optimized screen use.

Other enhancements include accessibility improvements for users with disabilities.  These include screen reader support and easier keyboard navigation.

In addition, users outside of Penn State no longer have to get a Friends of Penn State account in order to join a meeting. They can now log in to public meetings using the Guest log on, greatly simplifying their participation.  In the attendee pod, participants logged in as guests are indicated by a blue icon and are easily identified from the Penn State and Friends of Penn State participants, which are shown with a yellow icon.  This is important information for the host, as guests can enter a meeting room using any name they wish.

Another enhancement is that all faculty and staff are able to create their own meeting rooms.  Upon signing in to, only those with LDAP designations of "staff" or "faculty" will be auto-promoted to Meeting Owners.  Staff with "member" or some other designation should contact to explain why they need to be able to create meeting rooms.  Students who want their own meeting room should contact a staff or faculty member to get a room.

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