Installation, Repairs, & Troubleshooting

Installation, Repairs, & Troubleshooting

Student PCs

Support for student PCs typically involves solving software issues and troubleshooting hardware.  In some instances, component installation services can be provided.  Contact the Hammermill Help Desk for more details.  On-campus residents who need software and networking assistance should contact the Residence Hall Network Help Desk.


Faculty and Staff PCs

Support for faculty and staff office PCs includes hardware and software installations, repairs, and troubleshooting.  This service is provided only for hardware and software that is purchased by Penn State Behrend.  No personal software will be loaded onto the college's PCs by Computer Center staff.

To request support, please complete the IT Support Request Form.  Also, if the request is for a new software installation on staff PCs, please contact the database analyst so that the purchase information can be entered into the college's licensing database.