Department Bulk Mail

Department Bulk Mail



In order to qualify as a Bulk Mail, there needs to be a minimum of 200 pieces.  All pieces need to be the same weight and size.  A sample must be provided with your request for weight purposes. It can be sent through departmental mail to the mail room.

Pleases schedule the bulk mail request at least 2 weeks before desired mail date by filling out and submitting a  Bulk Mailing Form. An email is sent in response to the request assigning a bulk mail number,  the date of pickup (if needed) and the date the mail will be processed. All correspondence and media should be identified with the bulk mail number. Use only the bulk mail number to identify the excel file, the subject line on your email, any heading on the file, or correspondence connected to the bulk mail request. If the media is to be dropped off by CMC, the bulk mail number must identify the media. This will prevent any confusion when there are numerous requests in progress. Please provide 20 extra pieces.

The department requesting the bulk mailing must provide the mailing list through an email file and sent to Doug Stefnoski (  The file needs to use an Excel format in this order:

  1. Business name
  2. Surname (first and last name)
  3. Address 1
  4. Address 2
  5. Zip code, city, state

A sample is attached to give you an example of what the file should include:  /sites/default/files/campus/BulkMailFormat.docx

The best procedure for when envelopes need stuffed is to have the envelopes printed before stuffing.  The mail room can assist with stuffing the envelopes if it is a single sheet and the number is less than 1000.  Sufficient notice should be given.  Contact the mail room to see if it can be added to the schedule.

If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the mail room (898-6494).