Access Codes

Access Codes


Audix Activity Menu

Press 1 to record, edit, address and deliver a message.

Press 2 to retrieve, sort/save, respond to a message.

Press 3 to record, edit, and activate a greeting.

Press 4 to retrieve, sort/save, review/modify, resend outgoing messages.

Press 5 to change your password.

Press 7 to scan messages or headers quickly.


Audix Basic Commands

*H Help

*R Restart at Activity Menu

*W Wait

*T Transfer to an extension

*D Delete

**U Undelete a message

**X Exit Audix


Play Back Controls

Press 1 to skip call answer greeting

Press 2 to rewind

Press 3 to play/pause

Press 4 for louder

Press 5 to backup

Press 6 to advance

Press 7 to make softer

Press 8 to go slower

Press 9 to go faster

Press 0 to listen/replay

Press # to skip