Voice Mail Lists

Voice Mail Lists


A voice mail list is a convenient way to send a message to a certain group of people, to schedule or cancel meetings or PAC.

The person who creates the mailing list is the owner. Their extension is the owner's extension. The owner dictates who will be able to use the list. Anyone creating a list used by anyone outside of their department must give a copy of the mailing list and it's ID to the System Administrator.

Mailing lists may not have more than 250 entries. You can use more than one mailing list to mail the same messages to various groups of people.

To administer voice mail lists:

  1. Press 5 at the Activity Menu.
  2. Press 1 to administer mailing lists.
  3. Press one of the following choices: 1 to create, 2 to scan (after using Intuity Audix, what lists exist?), 3 to modify (allows you to keep your lists current)
  4. Enter List ID (give it a name), (example: Staff - because this list contains all of your staff. Intuity, Audix will convert the name to digits-List 78233).
  5. Press 1 to make the list Private (do you want to share your list?) or 2 to make the list public.
  6. Enter the extensions you want on the mailing list and the pound (#) sign: (7124#,7125#).
  7. Press # to approve your list.

To use your voice mail list (while addressing your messages):

  1. Press *L to tell the system you want to use your list.
  2. Press the pound (#) sign if you own the list or enter the owner's extension and the pound (#) sign.
  3. Enter the mailing list name and # sign. Example: Intuity Audix will say: 78233 contains 52 members. You have just addressed your message to 52 people at once.