Voice Mail Services

What is Audix?

Audix is the system that allows you to receive and leave messages, and record greetings, even when you're not on campus.  To access Audix on campus, dial 7100. It may be reached from anywhere in the world by dialing 814-898-7100 from a touch tone telephone.


Instructions to Access Audix

LOG IN - If you're at your own office telephone, when Audix asks for your extension press the # sign.

If you have a shared telephone, put in your four digit voice mailbox number followed by the # sign.

If your at another telephone, put in your four digit voice mailbox number followed by a # sign.

PASSWORD - Audix will then ask you to enter your password.

If your voice mailbox is a new voice mailbox and you are using it for the first time you will enter the # sign. Audix will then ask you to enter a password, which you receive from the administrator to get into the system. You will then create a new password of your own and use it thereafter.

If you make a mistake entering your password, please try two times only, then hang up and try again or you will be locked out of your voice mail.

If you try to enter your voice mailbox and the announcement "contact system administrator" is played, please call the operator at 6000. Your voice mailbox has been locked and your password will need to be reset to the default password.


Change Your Voice Mail Password

For security reasons, you may wish to change your 5-digit password from time to time, or you can choose to keep it the same.

When you get to the main menu:

  1. Press 5 (you will not hear this option).
  2. Press 5 again.
  3. Press 1 to record.
  4. Enter your new password number; re-enter your new password number.


Voice Mail Instructions

For detailed instructions on how to use the various voice mail features, click on the desired topic below.