Accessing College Resources

Accessing College Resources

Below is an overview of the ways business and industry can access the college's many outreach resources. The primary contacts are:

Dr. Robert Light

Dr. Robert Light
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Outreach & COO


Amy Bridger

Amy Bridger
Senior Director, Corporate Strategy & External Engagement


Faculty and Staff

  • Technical Information Services - Through the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PENNTAP) company representatives have access to free technical informational services. Local contact can be made at 814-898-6046. The college's John M. Lilley Library is also an excellent source of information, including many online databases and patent search assistance. The library may be contacted at 814-898-6106.
  • Product Development Projects and Technology New Venture Startups - Penn State Behrend's Business and Technology Innovation Center assists businesses requiring assistance related to intellectual property, new technology product development, prototyping, beta testing, primary marketing research, competitive intelligence, technology student interns, co-ops and apprentices, grant education, developing local university relationships, and business strategy. The center may be contacted at 814-898-6563.
  • Research Projects - Projects that include intellectual property (patents, etc.), no matter what size, are handled through a sponsored research agreement. You may contact a specific technical resource or use the single point of contact option.
  • Applied Research Centers - Companies can gain access to faculty expertise through one of the college's centers, which engage in a combination of fee-for-service, outreach, and education activities.
  • Professional and Organizational Development and Training - Through Community and Workforce Programs, staff is available to assist in the design and delivery of professional and organizational development programming, and training for business, industry, educators, and others. Contact can be made through the center at 814-898-6103.



  • Internships - Internships are considered professional, career-related experiences in a business or industry setting. Student interns can bring fresh and creative ideas to an organization at a nominal cost, while allowing company representatives to evaluate the interns as potential full-time employees. Internships are coordinated through the Academic and Career Planning Center at 814-898-6164.
  • Part-Time Employees - Many students are available to work part time. Students often play a significant role within an organization while gaining invaluable on-the-job experience. Students may be contacted directly or through a faculty member; however, it is recommended that part- and full-time job opportunities be channeled through the Academic and Career Planning Center at 814-898-6164.
  • Access to Graduates - Through partnerships with Penn State Behrend's faculty, staff, and students, company representatives may have enhanced exposure to students and consequently, enhanced opportunity to recruit students. A major opportunity for recruitment of students occurs during the annual fall career fair, where companies set up booths and have the opportunity to meet informally with potential employees. Formal student recruitment and interviewing is coordinated through the Academic and Career Planning Center at 814-898-6164.
  • Senior Projects - All senior students in engineering and engineering technology degree programs are required to conduct team-oriented capstone projects. Each project must address an actual design or manufacturing problem that is sponsored by regional industry. The students work alongside representatives of industry to formulate and implement solutions. More than fifty student teams are available annually. Contact the School of Engineering at 814-898-6153 or click here for more details.
  • Service and Volunteerism - Many students engage in substantive community-based service projects. The Center for Service Leadership holds a volunteer fair each fall to assist local community-based organizations in recruiting students. Contact the center at 814-898-6609 for more details.


Other Resources

  • Knowledge Park at Penn State Erie - Knowledge Park is a 100-acre area of campus reserved for organizations looking to develop knowledge-driven partnerships with other like-minded companies, Penn State Behrend, or other institutions of higher education, in order to accelerate their competitive advantage. The park is not simply a real estate venture; rather, it brings forward-thinking organizations together with faculty, staff, and students providing access to interns, part- and full-time employees, fundamental and applied research opportunities, and education and technology transfer services. The park is being developed in collaboration with the Greater Erie Industrial Development Corporation. Contact 814-898-6160, 814-899-6022 for more details.


If you don’t know where to go for help, please feel free to use our single point of contact system:


Voice mail: 814-898-7700