Engineering K-12: Get Involved

Engineering K-12: Get Involved


Engineers working in local companies or retired teachers can volunteer to work with the Engineering K-12 Outreach Center. Volunteers can lead activities, share their work experience and mentor students.  Activities are already created and ready to go or you can create your own. Students enjoy hearing about the experiences and what engineers do from people actually working in those careers.



We are able to offer all of these wonderful interactive and educational programs with the assistance of sponsors. Many of them are listed below, click on their logo to learn more about them. If you are interested in sponsoring our Engineering K-12 Outreach Center and activities, please contact Melanie Ford at or at (814) 898-6685. Many companies contribute through the Educational Income Tax Credit Program in Pennsylvania.



The websites links below contain some excellent resources. Teachers will find lesson plans and videos to use in their classrooms. Parents will find activities you can do at home as well as what careers are available in STEM fields for your child. Kids will find a ton of fun activities, hands-on projects and things to do on all of these sites. Have fun and explore the world of engineering.