Requirements for Student Research

Requirements for Student Research

Proposal Requirements

Penn State Behrend 2017-18 Undergraduate Student
Academic Year Research Grant Program

The purpose of this program is to encourage and support undergraduate research opportunities.

Proposals must be developed in conjunction with a member of the Penn State Behrend faculty.

Proposals must be submitted electronically at using the Grant Application template to your school director (with the approval of your cooperating faculty member) on or before April 14, 2017. No late submissions will be accepted. Awards will be announced May 5.

Research funding is limited to $1,000 per student, and may consist of one project or a combination of projects. Projects should be designed for completion between August 21, 2017 and April 27, 2018.


Two- or four-year Penn State Behrend majors. Students must intend to complete their degree at Penn State Behrend.


  • scholarly merit
  • potential to expand undergraduate educational experience
  • relevance to cooperating faculty member(s) research activities


Use the required form in the Grant Application packet

  • wages
  • fringe benefits on wages
    • no fringe benefits are required for students taking at least 6 credits in Academic Year 2017/2018
    • 7.8% for students taking less than 6 credits
      • Total amount available for wages divided by 1.078 - *Wages
      • Total amount available for wages minus *Wages = Fringe Benefits
  • supplies
  • travel related directly to the research (but not conference travel)
  • copying/printing/poster supplies
  • payment of human subjects
  • other costs


Prior to review by the senior associate dean, school directors should arrange for the review and priority ranking of proposals within their school.

Prioritized submissions from each school should be forwarded to the senior associate dean no later than April 28, 2017. Title page (see section 5), eligibility (see section 1), and proposed budgets (see section 3) should be checked for accuracy and consistency with guidelines before being forwarded.

Approval of the project is contingent upon the availability of research funds. The proposed budget is a request and the actual fiscal support for the project will be reviewed by the senior associate dean.

Awards will be made on a collegewide competitive basis.

5. FORMAT (Use the Grant Application template. You may copy and paste into the document.)

Title Page

Using the form in the packet, complete the title of proposed research; name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, Behrend major, and PSU ID of student investigator(s); name of cooperating faculty member(s), title(s), and e-mail address(es).

Limited to 200 words or less describing the research, its importance, and anticipated outcomes.

Limited to one page, including background information with appropriate references and the objectives of the proposed research.

Problem Statement and Research Plan
Provide a clear statement of the problem being addressed and how you propose to approach the problem to meet your objectives.

Anticipated Outcome
State the potential value or significance of the proposed research.

Justification for multiple students (if applicable)
Indicate role of each student on grant.

Use the Undergraduate Research Budget form which is included in the packet, and provide a clear, detailed accounting of anticipated expenditures; this should not exceed $700 per student.

Provide a one-page summary of your background and relevant experience. Include your local, permanent, and e-mail address; and phone number.

The proposal, including all those items listed above, should not exceed nine double-spaced pages.


Before research is begun or grant funds can be expended, the University requires that you complete the online training program (if you have not already done so) related to Scholarship and Research Integrity (SARI). The training modules are located on the SARI Portal.


A written accounting of your research program should be forwarded to the senior associate dean on or before September 21, 2018. Please complete the Undergraduate Student Research Project Grant Final Report Form (PDF) | (Word) and submit it electronically to


All students receiving grants are expected to participate in the 2018 Undergraduate Research and Creative Accomplishment Conference. 
Abstracts are to be submitted in accordance with the requirements stated in the Call for Abstracts. Participation can include poster or oral presentations.