Entrepreneurship Certificate

The entrepreneurship certificate is designed to provide students with an exposure to entrepreneurship including how to start and build a successful business.  Those completing this course sequence will better understand the legal framework of business, how small and private business differ from large corporations, how to determine market potential for new products, and how to construct pro-forma statements for purpose of project decision making.  The field study will allow students a hands-on opportunity to gain experience in a start-up organization.

Required Courses:

  • BA 241 Legal Environment of Business
  • MGMT 431 Entrepreneurship and Small  Business Management (Prerequisites: ACCTG 211; MGMT 301; MKTG 301)
  • MGMT 432 Small Business and Field Study (Prerequisite: MGMT 431)
  • MKTG 475 Innovation and New Product Management (Prerequisite: MKTG 301)
  • FIN 451 Intermediate Corporation Finance (Prerequisite: FIN 301)