Management Minor

A management minor offers the general business background to give students a competitive advantage in the workplace, improving their hiring potential, career flexibility, and chances for future advancement.

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

Requirements (18 credits)

1. MGMT 301 – Basic Management Concepts
2. SCM 301 – Supply Chain Management
3. MGMT 331 – Management and Organization
4. MGMT 341 – Human Resource Management
5. Any two MGMT 400-level courses chosen from the following:
            MGMT 409 or MGMT 410 – Project Management for Engineers or 
            Project Management *
            MGMT 410 – Project Management
            MGMT 420 – Negotiation and Conflict Management
            MGMT 432 – Small Business and Field Study
            MGMT 440 – Advanced Human Resource Management
            MGMT 461 – International Management

* Note that students can take either MGMT 409 or MGMT 410.  They cannot both be taken for 
   separate credit.

Advising and Course Selection 

The management minor offers two distinct tracks: one in general management and the second focusing on operations management. Students are encouraged to meet with a Management faculty member to select the track that most effectively supports their career aspirations. Some of the elective courses that can be taken under each track are: 

General Management 

           MGMT 331 – Management and Organization
           MGMT 341 - Human Resource Management
           MGMT 410 – Project Management 

Operations Management 

           SCM 445 - Operations Planning and Control
           SCM 455 - Logistics Systems Analysis and Design 
           SCM 460 - Purchasing and Materials Management

 Additional Courses

          MGMT 461 IL - International Management          
          MGMT 471W- Strategic Management and Business Policy

Declaring a Management Minor

To declare a minor in Management, you must go to eLion, click on “Minor Declaration,” and complete the information requested.  If you have any questions about the minor, please contact the in-charge person for the minor, Dr. Jeffrey Pinto.