Internship Proposal

Internship Proposal

The proposal serves as a formal agreement between the student, the sponsoring organization, and the faculty supervisor. It should describe the internship, in detail, to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. The internship proposal should disclose any and all information concerning the internship that the parties believe is appropriate.

The first draft of the proposal should be developed by the student through preliminary discussions with the site supervisor and other members of the sponsoring organization. The faculty supervisor should review the first draft to determine sufficiency of the internship experience for awarding academic credit. At this stage, the internship proposal may be approved, rejected, or approved subject to amendments.
If the proposal is approved subject to amendments, the student can communicate the required changes to the site supervisor for consideration. If the site supervisor approves the amendments, the student should revise and resubmit the proposal to the faculty supervisor.

The student, site supervisor, and faculty supervisor indicate agreement with the internship proposal by their signatures. A signed copy of the completed internship proposal must be on file in the Black School of Business office no later than ten days from the first day of classes for the semester. Failure to submit a completed internship proposal may result in cancelation of the student's internship course enrollment.
A copy of the approved proposal should be attached to the Registration Drop/Add Form and submitted to the School of Business office.

The Internship Proposal form can be found at the School of Business Office, 281 Burke Center.

At a minimum, the proposal should include the following:

  1. Brief statement of responsibilities/job description, hours to be worked, and general goals/objectives.
  2. Signature by the student, faculty supervisor, and site supervisor.
  3. Description/percentage assignment of how the intern’s grade will be determined (whether the intern is responsible for maintaining a work journal, submitting an academic paper, and/or delivering an internship presentation—to be completed by faculty supervisor).

Final papers should document how the work duties and responsibilities of the internship helped to achieve the internship objective, and should also include a personal evaluation by the student of the internship as a learning experience. Papers should analyze and discuss the internship experience by applying conceptual frameworks from academic course work to experiences and observations made in the work setting.