Internship Requirements

Internship Requirements

Students must meet a number of minimum requirements in order to apply for and complete an internship. Most majors also have program-specific requirements.

1. Please see the complete internship guidelines document for complete details.

2. You must also submit the internship proposal and drop/add forms. These forms can be found in the School of Business Office, 281 Burke Center.


Black School of Business Internship Requirements

  • Minimum semester standing: 5th
  • Prerequisite course work: At least ENGL 015, MATH 110 or 140, ACCTG 211, B A 243, ECON 002, ECON 004, MIS 204, and SCM 200.
  • Academic credits: Internships normally comprise 3 academic credits. No more than 6 credits shall be applied to graduation requirements.
  • Minimum hours: At least 120 hours field experience required for 3 academic credits. Additional credits may be assigned on a 40-hours-per-credit basis. Hours in addition to the minimum may be undertaken without the assignment of additional academic credit. Hours worked is not the primary basis for determining academic credit-worthiness. Although additional work hours are required for additional credit, academic credit hours and grade are awarded primarily on the basis of the academic work done in connection with the student's project.
  • Journal is often required.
  • Paper isr eofquiten red: The paper should at least document how the work duties and responsibilities of the internship helped to achieve the internship objective, and should also include a personal evaluation by the student of the internship as a learning experience. Papers should analyze and discuss the internship experience by applying conceptual frameworks from academic course work to experiences and observations made in the work setting.
  • Grading: Grading must be on the normal scale (A B F). Pass/Fail cannot be used for Additional or Supporting courses in the major.
  • Students MUST register for academic credit in the semester during which the internship is performed.
  • In order to receive a grade for the internship, a student must fill out and return to the School of Business office a white "Drop/Add Form" (which is either attached to this packet or may be obtained from the School of Business office) and the white "Internship Proposal" form.


Major-Specific Internship Requirements

  • ACNTG: No additional criteria beyond those specified by School of Business Guidelines. Content and evaluation criteria for specific internships will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • BLASC: Internships for BLASC majors will fall under the guidelines of the discipline in which the internship is performed.
  • BECON: ECON 002 and ECON 004 successfully completed. Content and evaluation criteria for specific internships will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • FINANCE: FIN 301 successfully completed. No additional criteria beyond those specified by School of Business Guidelines. Content and evaluation criteria for specific internships will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • INT B: 5th semester standing or higher. Successful completion (final grade of "C" or higher) of ECON 002 and ECON 004. Cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher. For some internships, completion of additional coursework may be required as a prerequisite. Students with a GPA below 2.5 must receive a special exception from the program chair to be eligible for internship credits. No more than three internship credits may be applied to fulfill graduation requirements without special exception. Either successful completion (final grade of "C" or higher) OR concurrent enrollment in one or more international business classes (e.g., ECON 470, FIN 407, MGMT 461, MKTG 445).
  • MISBD: Presentation required. Paper is to be written according to MISBD syllabus requirements. MIS 430 successfully completed. Component percentages for the student's grade, per the course syllabus.
  • MANGT: Presentation required. Course prerequisites are established and enforced. Minimum GPA: 2.5
  • MRKTG: Successfully completed Principles of Marketing (MKTG 301) and at least one other marketing course at the 300- or 400-level.  Minimum GPA: 2.5 (overall); GPA: 2.75 (marketing courses).  See MKTG 495 course syllabus for a list of specific prerequisites.
Please see the Black School of Business office, Burke 281A for more information.