Career Opportunities for Computer Science

Career Opportunities for Computer Science


Computer Science Jobs

Students entering the workforce with a degree in computer science will find many career opportunities in business, industry, government, and academia, and particularly in organizations with a science emphasis. These opportunities include traditional and emerging careers such as application programming, systems programming, systems analysis, systems administration, bioinformatics, network administration, and computer modeling.

A well-planned set of science and supporting electives can also position a student for graduate study in a computing sub-discipline of a natural or applied science or mathematics including bio-informatics, computational chemistry or physics, or scientific visualization.

Career Planning

The Academic and Career Planning Center (ACPC) assists students with career and life planning. You may schedule appointments with the ACPC staff to discuss career interests, skills, values, and goal setting, as well as how to find career information, internships, full-time jobs, and graduate schools. Students are encouraged to utilize the services of the ACPC.

Internships and Co-ops

Students in the Computer, Electrical, or Software Engineering programs can incorporate a cooperative educational or internship experience into their academic program. These professional, career-related experiences in an organizational setting are valuable for a student's professional career development, and students may receive academic credit that applies to their degree program.

If you are a student looking for more information on co-op and internship listings and how to apply, please refer to the School of Engineering Student Handbook.