Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical engineers have many opportunities and work in every type of industry, in jobs ranging from research and development to manufacturing and operations. Mechanical engineers also work in product design, procurement, technical sales, and management. 

Who Hires Mechanical Engineering Majors?

Employers of recent Behrend Mechanical Engineering graduates include Amazon, Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, BMW, Boeing, Ford, GE, General Motors, Honda, Lockheed Martin, LORD Corporation, NASA, Sandia National Laboratory, Siemens, Toyota, Volvo, and Westinghouse.

School of Engineering students also were accepted into challenging graduate programs at Case Western Reserve University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, Penn State, and Purdue University. 

Career Planning

Penn State Behrend has a comprehensive support system that will help you to identify and achieve your goals for the college classroom and beyond. Meet with your academic adviser often and take advantage of the services offered by the Academic and Career Planning Center beginning in your first semester. 

Internships and Co-ops

Students in the Mechanical Engineering program can incorporate a cooperative educational or internship experience into their academic program. These professional, career-related experiences in an organizational setting are valuable for a student's professional career development, and students may receive academic credit that applies to their degree program.

If you are a student looking for more information on co-op and internship listings and how to apply, please refer to the School of Engineering Student Handbook.