Courses for Multilingual Learners

Courses for Multilingual Learners

Students whose home language is not English are encouraged to consider our intensive English-language courses designed for non-native speakers of English. These courses have been developed to improve formal and academic English and have been proven to increase a student’s command of English and confidence.

The following courses will be offered during the academic year.

1) [ESL 004] Composition for American Academic Communication I
For intermediate level non-native speakers of English to improve their reading, writing, and grammar skills in preparation for future American academic writing assignments. This course focuses on English language skills necessary for success at the college level and emphasizes extensive reading as well as extensive writing of clear, well organized prose.

2) [ESL 015] (GWS) Composition for American Academic Communication II
This is a composition course for advanced level non-native speakers of English. In ESL 015, students explore the rhetorical contexts of academic and public argument by considering a variety of argumentative texts, and learn and practice how to research, write, and revise their own arguments on controversial issues. During the course, students will write assignments that involve summarizing, synthesizing, evaluating, and crafting arguments. Many of these assignments are based on library, field, and Internet research.

3) [ENGL 100] English Language Analysis (for Multilingual Students)
This course focuses on American English texts—spoken and written--and applies traditional, structural, and modern linguistic theories to the analysis of English language constructions: words, phrases, clauses, and discourse. Students will study the patterns and Rules (note the capital ‘R’!) that make up the English language; our emphasis will be on grammar-for-writing and on self-awareness of our language use.

4) [CM LIT 153] (GH; IL) International Cultures: Film and Literature
This course will compare narrative and artistic techniques employed by literature and film in portraying different social and cultural environments, which will range widely around the globe and may include Africa and the Middle East, East Asia, and South America, as well as European and North American examples. The purpose of this course is to have students examine how the selected artists have developed their intentions and their subject matter and to study modes of narration across different cultures and media. Through a combination of lectures and comparative discussions, students will examine how narrative components, including plot, genre, environment, character, and point of view are developed in films and fiction from diverse cultures.

5) [AM ST 100] (GH;US) Introduction to American Studies
Designed for the student new to America, this course serves as an introduction to American culture. Issues around education, freedom, democracy, individuality, equality, and customs will be examined from a variety of perspectives: literature, history, politics, film, race, gender, and geography.

6) [CAS 100] (GWS) Effective Speech (for multilingual students)
In this specially designed section of this required course, native and non-native speakers of English are introduced to speech communication, including formal speaking, group discussion, analysis and evaluation of messages. 

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