Diversity Committees

Diversity Committees

Institutional Equity and Diversity Committee (IEDC)

The IEDC recommends and evaluates strategies and policies related to the enhancing diversity and improving the campus climate, with special emphasis on faculty. To provide advice and counsel on the College’s Strategic Plan for Diversity as it related to the seven-point University-wide Framework for diversity:

  • Developing a shared and inclusive understanding of diversity
  • Creating a welcoming campus climate
  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Developing a curriculum that fosters intercultural and international competencies
  • Diversifying leadership and management
  • Coordinating organizational change to support diversity goals

This committee helps to strengthen the College’s efforts to create a campus climate that promotes understanding, respect, and support for a diverse campus community through collaboration with the Commission for Women Liaison Committee and the Multi-Cultural Council (MCC).

Student Government Association (SGA)
Diversity Committee

Works with the Multi-Cultural Council (MCC) and other organizations in pursuing its goals of raising awareness about diversity; how and why it is important on campus. It also works in reaching out to others less inclined to learn about diversity issues.