Student Organization Resources

Student Organization Resources

More than 100 student groups on campus are registered with the Student Government Association, which is the official student governing body at Penn State Behrend. These groups include academic organizations, student life groups, sports and outdoor clubs, arts and recreational groups, political action groups and fraternities and sororities. These organizations provide students with a myriad of involvement opportunities and the chance to interact with others who share a similar interest.

This web page has been created to provide the tools that members and officers of organizations need to have a successfully run student group. Additional forms can be found on BehrendSync.


New Club Process

Check out BehrendSync for the New Club Proposal Form and the requirements for starting a new club on campus!

BehrendSync Training

This training is required for an officer from each organization. In-person sessions will be held at the beginning of each semester and as-needed throughout the year. The online version is for reference purposes only.


SGA Budget Packet

This form will allow your club to request Student Government Association money for equipment and events that are open to all students. Deadlines for 2016/2017 are: September 1, October 6, November 3, January 19  February 16, and March 16. Proposals for Fall 2017 programs are due April 13.

SAF Budget Packet

This form will allow your club to request Student Activity Fee funding for equipment and events that are open to all students. Deadlines for 2016/2017 are: September 6, October 11, November 8, and January 24. Proposals for Summer/Fall 2017 programs are due March 21, 2017.

Treasury Request Form

This form should be used any time a club would like to spend money from their non-allocated account or from SGA allocations. Students may print this document and return it to the RUB Information Desk.

Budget Appeal Form

This form will allow your organization to appeal funding a funding decision made by the SGA budget committee. Forms are due to the SGA Secretary no later than 4:00 pm. on the Thursday on which the Senate is expected to vote.

Reallocation Form

Should your organization wish to spend SGA allocated funds on something other than the originally intended purpose, this form is required. It should be returned to the SGA Secretary no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Thursday on which the Senate is expected to vote.

Deposit Form

Complete this form and bring it to the RUB Information Desk along with your deposit.

Catering Quotes

This BehrendSync form will allow you to create your own quote for standard Housing & Food Service menu items. Quotes for items not appearing on this document should be obtained from the Catering staff no less than one week before an SGA or SAF proposal deadline.

Mileage Quotes

This mileage estimator will allow you to create your own quote for travel with personal vehicles. Please note that these estimates may not be used in conjunction with quotes for rental cars.


Student Travel Registration Form

This form must be completed at least three days prior to any travel on a student organization-sponsored trip taking place outside Erie County. This includes programs sponsored by SGA, SAF, and/or club non-allocated funds.

Conduct Standards Agreement

Students traveling outside Erie County for an overnight club or University event are required to complete this document and return it to the Office of Student Activities.

Approved University Bus Lines

These are the charter bus lines that are approved to provide transportation for University events. The most commonly used companies at the Behrend campus are Coach USA and First Student.

Event Planning

Approved University Caterers

These are the caterers (in addition to Housing & Food Services) that are approved to provide food for University events. This page also includes directions for adding a caterer to the approved list.

Approved Entertainment Vendors

These are the vendors that are approved to provide carnival-type entertainment for University events. Depending on the type of event, it may be possible for other artists to be used. Check with the Office of Student Activities when planning your event.

The Club Hub

The Drawing Board, which is Behrend's publicity room, is located in Reed 10H. The staff of the Drawing Board is available to assist students with a variety of media projects - both print and digital. Please check the link for their hours of operation, price list, and contact information.

Other Resources

Policies and Rules for Student Organizations (Word/PDF)

This handbook outlines the most current policies and rules currently in effect. Questions about this information should be referred to the Student Activities Office in Reed 27.

Posting Policy

This document will outline the approved areas for posting your event publicity. Questions about this policy should be directed to Student Activities.

Leadership Unlimited Workshop Requests

Leadership Unlimited is available to help student organizations with a variety of issues such as: teambuilding, officer transition, climate assessments, etc. This link can be used to learn more about Leadership Unlimited and to request services.

Student Activity Fee

This page will give you more information about the Student Activity Fee including: deadlines, proposal forms, committee contact information, and more.

Digital Signage Content Requests

This page will explain how to create and submit content requests for digital signage.