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Young preschool-aged girl pours fluid into a beaker.

'They absorb everything'

Science Storytime is a monthly program at Penn State Behrend where young learners are exposed to science-based topics through story reading, hands-on activities, and space shows held in the college’s Yahn Planetarium.
Jerry Magraw, a senior technician, instructs McDowell High School students on creating a compound containing an ester during a chemistry outreach event held Wednesday, May 17, at Penn State Behrend.

Who knew science could smell so good?

McDowell High School's organic chemistry class visited Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, on May 17 for a day of hands-on chemistry experiments in an academic chemistry lab.

College Co-Hosts Major 'Frontiers in Education' Conference

Penn State Behrend has partnered with Gannon University to co-host the 46th annual Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference at Erie’s Bayfront Convention Center. The four-day event, which began Oct. 12, is the leading international forum for presentation of ideas and developments in engineering disciplines. Engineers and educators from 25 countries are participating.

Record 1,379 Children Attend College for Kids

A record 1,379 children attended College for Kids this year.Donald Feathers knew a drone would not be the easiest thing to maneuver.

That speed, though. That caught him off guard.

Students Explore Academic Majors at High School Academy

High School Academy was held Wednesday, June 29, at Penn State Behrend.“OK, here’s a question for everyone: What was not in some way built by engineers?”

Penn State Behrend Hosts GE Girls STEM Camp

The GE Girls Camp was held the week of June 20-24 at Penn State Behrend.Seventh-grader Olivia Jaworski is hopeful that a career in medicine awaits her, but until last week, she had not considered any other options.

Students Launch Bottle Rockets, Race Vehicles and More at Regional Science Olympiad

As part of the regional Science Olympiad, students launched bottle rockets.For more than four months, Kolby Duer and Gary Langer-Williamson worked on crafting the perfect bottle rocket to enter into the 2016 regional Science Olympiad.

Students Create Video Games at College for Kids

Ethan McCarthy’s fingers rattled up and down the keyboard as his eyes fixated on the computer monitor. He was trying to move a small, square-shaped character from one platform to another without it falling into a pit of nothingness.