How is the job market being impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic? 

Hiring plans often vary by industry; tech companies have an easier time working remotely than a human service organization that is face-to-face with clients. Be open to a variety of industries, experiences, and organizations if you're still searching and consider remote work if an existing offer suggests it.

I'm concerned about the status of my offer. What should I do?

Reach out to the employer directly to ask about the status of the offer, if working remotely is anticipated or an option, or if there is a modified timeline. Be respectful and direct but understand that things may be changing rapidly. 

What if my offer is rescinded?

Organizations may not be able to avoid canceling an internship or rescinding an offer. But there are still things you can do: ask for a timeline, see if remote work is an option, create a plan of attack, and work with a career counselor.

What can I be doing now to stay career-relevant?

Use this time to grow your career knowledge and stay current with what is happening in the world of work. Take time to learn and develop your professional savvy. Some of the things you can do are reflect on what you offer, develop your network, keep your skills sharp, and follow the industry you are interested in.

How do I continue searching for opportunities?

You can do this. Use the resources available to start searching strategically and growing your network of professionals. Our career counselors are here to help along the way so schedule a virtual career counseling appointment to get started. Before or after meeting with your career counselor make sure you are networking, find a career mentor using LionLink, attend virtual events, apply online, consider virtual and gig experiences, and always be prepared to sell yourself!

How is a video interview different than a face-to-face interview?

Face-to-face interviews allow the employer to more easily assess your non-verbal communication. This is harder to do in a virtual setting so honing your answers and following interview guidelines and even more key. Make sure you dress professionally, use a neutral background, have a reliable internet connection, show up early, maintain eye contact, and have notes prepared.