Practice Virtual Interviewing

How is a video interview different than a face-to-face interview?

Face-to-face interviews allow the employer to more easily assess your non-verbal communication. This is harder to do in a virtual setting, so honing your answers and following interview guidelines are even more key. Make sure you dress professionally, use a neutral background, have a reliable connection, show up early, maintain eye contact, and have notes prepared.

What questions should I prepare to answer?

Employers looking for remote interns may ask questions more focused on your remote work experience, like a school project, or how you manage your time. Provide examples of how you practice time management or have worked independently. Here are some questions you can potentially expect:

  • Tell me about a time when you moved a group project forward, at work or school, where you were in a different physical place than your other team members?
    • Chances are high that you have worked remotely on an important project. Recruiters will likely dig for details on how you enjoyed it, what challenges you faced, and how you coped.
  • Have you ever taken an online course or training session? If so, describe your process for managing your own time, respecting deadlines, requesting assistance, and solving problems.
  • Are you an active member of an online community, or do you have experience managing logistics remotely for in-person events/gatherings?
  • Have you completed freelance work for remote clients, and would you be willing to provide references upon request?
  • Have you thought about where you would work remotely if offered this internship?
    • Recruiters should not expect a precise answer to this, as even senior staff should experiment with workspaces, but it's useful to understand if you have considered this element (, 2020)

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