Understand How to Succeed in a Virtual Experience

Test technology & build a workspace

Setting up a virtual workspace that enables you to conduct your work efficiently and professionally. Make sure your tech is working and that your internet connection can handle the work, especially if a VPN is required.

Clarify and establish learning goals & expectations

Discuss with your site supervisor the scope of the position and the work it will entail, including a defined work plan, the timeline in which the work needs to be accomplished, and any special long-term projects.

Get to know your new coworkers

Most internship programs include an onboarding process where they help you feel connected to and supported by the organization through staff introductions via real-time meetings hosted on a video platform. If this isn’t part of the internship orientation process, take the initiative to get to know some of the key coworkers with whom you’ll be interacting most frequently.

Communicate often & seek feedback

Understand the communication tools that your internship offers. Email can be handy for quick check-ins or status reports, but when you want to have a deeper conversation with your supervisor, consider using videoconferencing or the phone.

Incorporate structure into your virtual experience

Working remotely often lends itself to a less structured work environment. You will have more autonomy regarding how you structure the workday and how you manage your time. Seek a defined timeline from your supervisor so you know that you're on track. This will also be very important for those internships that are credit-based and require documented hours. Use online project management tools!

Network and become more widely involved

Talk to your supervisor about your interest in remotely participating in organizational meetings, interviewing or remotely shadowing executives, engaging in collaborative projects, and conducting project presentations. Getting out more and virtually meeting with a wide variety of professionals will enhance your organizational and industry knowledge as well as build up your network of contacts.