General Education

General Education

A Penn State degree is not merely "job training." In fact, a major component of any Penn State degree includes taking a number of courses known as General Education courses. Employers in business, industry, government, health care, and other sectors are looking for people who have learned how to learn, people with excellent communication and teamwork skills—in brief, they are looking for well-rounded, fully educated people. So what is the bottom line? Studies show that a college education is an excellent investment in general, but we believe that education should go well beyond specifically training a student for a particular career.

General Education Requirements

All Penn State students must complete 45 credits of General Education courses in order to graduate; this is about one third of all of your course requirements.

Writing/Speaking - 9 credits

Natural Sciences - 9 credits

Health and Physical Activity - 3 credits

Arts - 6 credits

Humanities - 6 credits

Social/Behavioral Sciences - 6 credits

Quantification - 6 credits