TutorTrac Appointment Scheduling Instructions

TutorTrac Appointment Scheduling Instructions


Learn how to schedule an appointment on TutorTrac.

  1. Go to the TutorTrac website.
  2. Sign-up for text alerts (optional). See the right side of the TutorTrac home page.
  3. On the left side of the screen, in the “Student Options” box, select “Search Availability.”
  4. In the new screen, the left side will now turn into a “Search Criteria” interactive menu.
  5. Under “Center,” toggle the drop-down and select “Tutoring Appointments/Schedules.”
  6. Toggle the drop-down list for “Section,” scroll through the alphabetical list until you find the course you would like tutored in, and select that course.
  7. Continue down the menu and choose the date range, time range, and days of the week that you would like to see posted with available tutors during those times. 
    • Appointments must be scheduled at least 18 hours in advance to provide enough advance notice to the tutors.
  8. Click “Search.” You will now see all of the available tutors for that course during the times that you requested.
    • Green highlighted spaces mean that you can schedule a personal appointment with any of those tutors. 
    • You do not need an appointment for blue spaces (drop-ins) and yellow spaces (guided study groups). Just stop in!
    • Always confirm the location of your tutoring session.
  9. To schedule a personal one-on-one appointment, click on a green box that has a date and a time that you want, prompting a new window to open. Your course will appear in the red Subject box.
  10. You can then adjust the Appointment Duration for 30 or 60 minutes. If you choose, you can add a reason, phone number, or notes about what you need help with. Notes are very useful to the tutors as they prepare for the appointment.
  11. Save the appointment. You will receive a confirmation email to your Penn State email.
    • If you need to cancel the appointment, you must do so at least two hours in advance, in order to avoid getting a “no-show” on your TutorTrac account. 
    • Two “no-shows” will terminate your access to TutorTrac for the remainder of the semester.

Sign up for text alerts from TutorTrac!

(Located on right side of TutorTrac log-in page)