Getting Help Just Got Easier

The recent migrations to the new phone and work order systems has provided BITS with an opportunity to re-imagine the way we provide support to the campus community.

Technical Support Line

For starters, there is now a single phone number to contact BITS for technical support: 814-217-HELP (4357). Or, if you are in an instructional classroom or lab, you will see a speed dial button on the phone labeled as "Tech Help".  Press this button to automatically call our technical support line (at 814-217-4357).  Then select the appropriate menu option to report your issue, i.e. option 1 for faculty/staff or option 2 for students. 

LCD phone screen (classrooms and labs) with Tech Help button

LCD phone screen (as it appears in classrooms and labs) with a button for contacting Tech Help

Image: Penn State

Calls made to the technical support line are received by a call group monitored by several BITS staff. This ensures that a live support resource is available to assist you.  In the event that all lines within this group are busy, you may leave a voice message.

Please note that with these new changes, you will no longer call extension 6121 to report issues in the instructional classrooms and labs.  (Extension 6121 is still in service at the Copy and Print Center, but staff at that location will no longer triage in-room, technical issues.)

Service Now

Another new utility that’s been put into service is Service Now. Service Now (or SNOW), is a University-wide resource that allows anyone to submit an IT incident ticket (for something that's broken) or an IT request (to request something new).  The reporting interface for this new system will be evolving over the next several months, but the web page where the submission process begins will remain the same throughout --- just visit Help and Training (login). In addition, SNOW provides status updates as certain milestones are reached for your reported incident or request and you will be notified once the work has been completed.

For a quick overview and instructions on how to use this new ticketing system, check out our Service Now cheat sheet.


As with any new resource, there are bound to be questions about features, capabilities, and use.  So please don’t hesitate to contact BITS staff!