Digital Literacy Training

Program Overview

Penn State Behrend is partnering with Corry Hi-Ed to provide digital training to the community—free of charge. The training is made possible by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. 

The training is open to all residents—including senior citizens looking to navigate email and the internet, job seekers eager to expand their career search, parents interested in keeping their children safe online, or anyone open to improving their digital literacy.

Each workshop will be offered on several dates in 2022 and 2023. Each workshop consists of two hours of training—an hour and a half of instruction and a half hour for participants to practice using the new skills. A variety of workshop topics are available.

Meeting Location: Corry Hi-Ed, 221 North Center Street, Corry.

Price: Free

Registration: To register for a workshop, call 814-898-6103 or email [email protected].

Workshops Offered

Internet Basics 

Learn the basics of using the internet and its functions in this basic class that teaches how to connect to the internet and how the cloud works. You'll learn how to use a web browser and search engines, and how to download and upload files.
Dates: August 3, October 5, March 1

Introduction to Internet Safety

Understanding risks is of utmost importance to internet safety. This class will discuss browser security and tracking, strong passwords, and malware avoidance to maintain identity safety. You'll learn to identify phishing scams and stay safe while online shopping. 
Dates: August 17, November 2, March 15

Digital Media Literacy

Can you trust what you see online? In this class, you'll learn how to navigate and evaluate a website for credibility, plus identify sponsored content, clickbait situations, and target advertising. You'll also work on deconstructing media messages and see how photo manipulation affects reality.  
Dates: September 7, November 16, March 29

Email Basics

Learn how to use common email features, contact lists, and calendars. Plus, hear about email etiquette and safety practices that will help you be more professional with your communications.
Dates: September 21, January 18, April 5

Microsoft Word Basics

In this course, an introduction to Microsoft Word, you'll get an overview of the Word toolbar before moving on to creating, opening, and saving documents. You'll also find out how to delete, move, cut, copy, and format text, plus get the basics on using page layout, find/replace, and spelling and grammar check. 
Dates: September 28, January 25, April 19

Job Search and Networking

Most jobs are now posted online, meaning job seekers will have to understand how to find positions and apply for them in a digital format. In this course, you'll learn how to find jobs, how to start building your professional network, the basics of self-branding, and the hard skills you need to succeed.
Dates: October 19, February 1, May 3

Introduction to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network of the professional world, presenting opportunities for networking, career advancement, and more. This course will teach you about creating a compelling profile, utilizing key words, branding yourself, and using a professional photo.
Dates: October 26, February 15, May 17