Liquid Silicone Rubber Technology - Course Description

Instructor: Brad Johnson plus 4 experts from the LSR industry

Fee: $1,210

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Educational Goals:

Learn the dos and don’ts when injection molding silicone rubber.  A broad review of available technology for materials, part design, mold design, feed systems, and molding machines will be presented by a select group of industry experts.  Break-out sessions will include demos and/or hands on experience with setting up the molding process, operating feed systems, and using mold filling simulation.

Who Should Attend:

Processors, product designers, mold designers, or anyone involved in, or considering becoming involved in, the production of injection molded silicone parts will benefit from attending this workshop.

Course Outline:

  • LSR Material Overview
  • Molding Machine Considerations
  • The Material Feed System
  • The Mold
  • Process Set-up and Troubleshooting
  • Using LSR Molding Simulation
  • Panel Discussion of Case Studies