Scantron Test Scanner

The Scantron test scanner is a device that scans students’ answer sheets (i.e. bubble sheets) and outputs the test score for each student in the class.  For details on how to submit your tests, please refer to the instructions below.

Request a Scan of Answer Sheets

  1. Obtain blank answer sheets and number 2 pencils from your school’s administrative assistant.
  2. Place the instructor's grading key and the students' completed answer sheets in a manila envelope with the label: Scantron – Instructor’s Name.
  3. Give this envelope to your administrative assistant (so that it can be picked up by a BITS staff member).
  4. Submit an IT ticket.  (The selection for Scantron is listed under the Testing category).  For the short description field, please enter: “Scantron Grading”. 
  • A BITS staff member will respond and pick up the envelope that contains the tests.
  • Please allow for 1 to 2 business day(s) turnaround.
  • Any tests which require weighted grading will be sent to University Park.
  1. Once graded, a BITS staff member will return the graded tests to your school’s administrative office.  Also, grade results are emailed to the faculty member.

To ensure the security of the grading process, please remember that:

  • student workers should not have access to the ungraded tests
  • do not send the tests via inter-office mail to BITS

Assistance is also available for importing grade results into Canvas.

If you have any questions, please contact BITS at 814-217-HELP (4357).