News & Notes

New faculty and staff 

The school welcomes five new faculty members: assistant professors Dr. Kimberly Corson, educational psychology; and Dr. Arpan Yagnik, advertising; and lecturers Dr. Patrick Cosby, world history; Dr. Naaborle Sackeyfio, comparative politics; and Ashley Weber, English and ESL. Sarah Koczan is the new administrative support assistant in the H&SS office.

More additions

H&SS faculty members welcomed four brand new humans to the world. Babies were born to Elizabeth Fogle, English; Dr. Sara Luttfring, English; Dr. Angela Rood, psychology; and Dr. Ashley Sullivan, early childhood education. 

Honors, distinctions, and accomplishments 

Dr. Gabrielle Dietrich, lecturer in music and director of choral ensembles and YPC, received the 2016 Council of Fellows Faculty Excellence in Outreach Award. Dr. Tom Noyes, who was promoted to professor of English and creative writing, received the Benjamin A. Lane Outstanding Service Award. Dr. Sharon Dale was promoted to professor of art history. Dr. Inkyu Kang was promoted to associate professor of journalism. Dr. Craig Warren was promoted to professor of English.

Student and alumni honors, and accomplishments 

Heather A. Slomski, an English and creative writing graduate, won the Iowa Short Fiction Award and was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award in Novel and Short Story for her authorial debut, The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons. She visited Behrend in the fall as part of the Smith Creative Writers Reading Series. Corey Zeller, a creative writing graduate, published his second book, You and Other Pieces. He visited Behrend in the spring as part of the Smith Creative Writers Reading Series. Megan McConnell, a Political Science major who also studies German, was awarded a Cultural Vista Fellowship. She will complete a two-month summer internship in Berlin, Germany.

Books published

H&SS faculty members published six books. Dr. Joe Beilein (Co-Editor), history, The Civil War Guerrilla: Unfolding the Black Flag in History and Myth. Dr. Kilic Kanat, political science, The Tale of Four Augusts: Obama’s Syria Policy. George Looney, English and creative writing, Meditations Before the Windows Fail. Dr. Sara Luttfring, English, Bodies, Speech, and Reproductive Knowledge in Early Modern England. Dr. Clare Porac, psychology, Laterality: Exploring the Enigma of Left-handedness. Dr. Robert Roecklein, English, Locke, Hume and the Treacherous Logos of Atomism: The Eclipse of Democratic Values in the Early Modern Period.