Ivor T. Knight, Ph.D.

Dr. Ivor T. Knight
Director, Biomedical Translational Research Center
Professor, Biology
181 Benson Building

Mailing Address:
ERIE, PA 16563

Development and application of novel molecular genetic technologies for clinical evaluation of genetic variation, microbial diagnostics and environmental biology

Lateral Moves: An engaging history reveals the scientific struggle to understand horizontal gene transfer, Science - August 10, 2018

High-Speed Melting Analysis: The Effect of Melting Rate on Small Amplicon Microfluidic Genotyping., Clinical chemistry - October 1, 2017
Collaborators: R Pryor, Author; J Myrick, Author; R Palais, Author; S Sundberg, Author; J Paek, Author; C Wittwer, Author

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Automated Classification and Cluster Visualization of Genotypes Derived from High Resolution Melt Curves., PloS one - November 25, 2015
Collaborators: S Kanderian, Author; L Jiang, Author

Microfluidic genotyping by rapid serial PCR and high-speed melting analysis., Clinical chemistry - October 1, 2014
Collaborators: S Sundberg, Author; C Wittwer, Author; R Howell, Author; J Huuskonen, Author; R Pryor, Author; J Farrar, Author; H Stiles, Author; R Palais, Author

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Collaborators: G Caburlotto, Author; M Lleo, Author; E Taviani, Author; A Huq, Author; R Colwell, Author

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Collaborators: A Phillippy, Author; J Mason, Author; K Ayanbule, Author; D Sommer, Author; E Taviani, Author; A Huq, Author; R Colwell, Author; S Salzberg, Author

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Ph D, Microbiology, University of Maryland

BS, Animal and Veterinary Science, West Virginia University