Lisa Ciecierski, Ph.D.

Lisa Ciecierski, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Early Elementary Childhood Education, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
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161 Kochel
ERIE, PA 16563

Lisa Ciecierski received her Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Literacy from Kent State University. She is also the literacy consultant for the Southern Regional Education Board and has been an adjunct professor at Gannon, Kent State, and Edinboro Universities. Her most recent publications have appeared in Middle School Journal, Betwixt and Between, and Voices in the Middle. 

She is an Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy and teaches Early Childhood Education (PreK – 4) courses at Penn State Erie.

Research Interests

Dr. Ciecierski conducts most of her research in urban settings across the country. Her research interests involve researching how children learn through award-winning authentic literature within and across the content areas. Her research also has a focus on writing. She is the director of the National Writing Project, which was recently moved to Penn State Behrend, and is conducting research on engaging preservice teachers in the National Writing project to promote engagement and sustainability.



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Ph D, Curriculum and Instruction and Literacy, Kent State University

MED, Reading, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

BS, Education, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania