Benefits of Volunteering Graphic

Benefits of Volunteering Graphic

There are many benefits to volunteering, either on your own, with a club, friends, or a class. When you donate your time, skills, energy and enthusiasm to an organization or cause - you benefit too!

Skills you can learn or practice: 

  • organization
  • responsibility
  • cultural awareness
  • advocating for yourself or others
  • creating unique ideas
  • make a phone call
  • getting out of your comfort zone
  • teamwork
  • asking questions
  • networking
  • leadership
  • adaptability 
  • brainstorming solutions

Career and Life: 

  • Grow your network
  • Make useful contacts/get references
  • Improve your resume
  • Test out career options
  • Learn new skills
  • Make a difference
  • Learn about your community
  • Give back

Personal Growth: 

  • Sense of purpose and belonging
  • Be a positive influence
  • Become more compassionate
  • Meet new people
  • Face new challenges
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Have fun! 

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Image: Penn State