Greener Behrend: Indicator 3, Closed Loop

Greener Behrend: Indicator 3, Closed Loop

Indicator 3: Begin a funded program that explores how "closed-loop" initiatives can be developed on campus and in the local community

The short-term objectives for achieving this vision are:

  • Reduce paper use across campus.
  • Increase the percentage of paper that we recycle.
  • Identify options regarding cardboard usage and waste.
  • Reconsider implementing paper charges for students in computer labs.
  • Identify and implement alternatives to paper announcements and flyers sent to individual staff members.
  • Address and evaluate the possibility of using more recycled paper in offices and computer labs.

Long-term objectives are:

  • Reduce amount of waste disposed.
  • Compost paper waste.

Many of these objectives can only be achieved with the education of the Behrend community.

Some of the education issues are:

  • Get students to buy into using less paper.
  • Explore disincentives for creating waste.
  • Educate students about trash in public areas of campus (using proper receptacles, etc.).
  • Re-educate about alternatives to paper copies and paper drafts.
  • Educate offices about duplex printing.
  • Behrend’s engineering programs can also be involved in waste reduction by designing closed-loop systems (where all materials used in manufacturing are used somewhere else), instead of the many current linear systems in place now.
  • Outreach programs can also help by fostering connections between businesses that can provide “food” for each other.