Greener Behrend: Paper Savings

Greener Behrend: Paper Savings


  • Try reading things on the internet instead of printing them out.
  • If you must print them out, be sure to double-side them.
  • Reduce font and margin sizes.
  • If it’s not something you’re handing in, try printing more than one page per sheet.
  • Use the “shrink to fit” function on the print preview screen.
  • Save paper only printed on one side to re-use.
  • Be sure to recycle (both office paper and newspaper).
  • Share your newspaper.


  • Consider restructuring course materials so that students can use them online or copy them to their own computers rather than printing everything off the web. This may take some “retooling” but the Computer Center has expertise that can help.
  • Double-side any information you hand out during class.
  • Reduce your margin sizes. Microsoft Word also has a “shrink to page” function on the print preview screen.
  • Requiring print assignments to be single-sided and double-spaced contributes to heavy use of paper. If students must print assignments, you can help us save paper by requesting single-spaced, double-sided versions when possible.
  • Think about having students submit assignments electronically through shared online folders or Canvas. If you don’t currently have a shared online folder, you can get one set up for you at the Computer Center. Shared folders are stored on the college’s academic server, can be accessed from either your office or home, are backed up from the server every day, and are easy to use.
  • Editing and correcting can contribute greatly to paper use, but is often a necessary instructional strategy. Consider correcting and editing papers and projects electronically. Most word processing software applications have features whereby you can make corrections and comments and return assignments to students for their review.
  • Instead of having number of page requirements, have number of word requirements. This will encourage the use of smaller fonts, smaller margins, and other paper saving measures. Plus, it is harder to fake a word requirement than a page requirement.
  • Save paper that has been only printed on one side to re-use.
  • Use email for memos.


  • If your printer is equipped for duplex printing, use it! If not, save sheets with printing on only one side for re-use.
  • If the information you are printing out is for internal use, try printing more than one page per sheet. (To do that; go to the file menu and choose "print", in the print window click on the "properties" button, in the properties window under the layout tab, change the number of pages per sheet.)
  • Use email for memos.
  • Reduce margin and font sizes, and use the "shrink to fit" function in the print preview screen.
  • Be sure to recycle both office paper and newspaper.