Student Research Award

Student Research Award

This program recognizes students who have made research an integral part of their undergraduate education. Faculty members from each of the college’s four academic schools nominate students. The nomination process and subsequent selection process provide feedback to the students regarding both the quantity and quality of their research efforts. Students receive cash awards of $200.

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Past Recipients

2015-2016: Olivia D'Annibale (Biology), Jessica Stoker (Psychology)  

2014-2015: Daniel Doleiden (Mechanical Engineering)

2013-2014: Nicholas Friedl, Jerry Casbohm (Chemistry)

2011-2012: Lauren Kolb (Political Science)

2010-2011: James Pander (Chemistry)

2009-2010: Christine Giuliano (Political Science), James Hodge (Psychology)

2008-2009: Jessica Schubert (Psychology), Chelsea Fenush (Psychology)

2007-2008: Alicia Klinvex (Computer Science), Christopher Suprock (Mechanical Engineering)

2006-2007: Kala Wolfe (Biology)

2005-2006: John Crane (Psychology)

2004-2005: Susan Ellis (Biology)

2003-2004: Michael Hammill (Business Economics)

2002-2003: Melinda Hanes (Biology and Chemistry), Justina Egan (Psychology)

2001-2002: Jessica Turos (Psychology), Richard Gill (Biology)

2000-2001: Jason Jell (Biology), Daniel Huer (Plastics Engineering Technology

1999-2000: Eric Billman (Biology)