Social Studies Teacher Certification for History Majors

Social Studies Teacher Certification for History Majors

Social Studies Teacher Certification for History Majors

Penn State Behrend has worked out an agreement with Edinboro University that allows Behrend political science and history majors to complete all their social studies content coursework at Behrend and then to complete graduate-level coursework at Edinboro in order to obtain Pennsylvania teacher certification in secondary social studies. The Edinboro education coursework and student teaching can potentially be completed within one calendar year, with an additional semester needed in order to obtain a master's degree.

Edinboro University Admission Requirements

  1. Complete a graduate application (
  2. Application fee of $30
  3. Submit an official transcript
  4. Minimum 2.80 undergraduate GPA

** For students with a GPA below 2.80, a score from the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the aptitude test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are required. Additional information may be requested after a review of your transcripts.

All admission materials should be sent to:

Edinboro University
School of Graduate Studies & Research
Biggers House
148 Meadville Street
Edinboro, PA 16444

If you have any questions, contact:

Kate Damico Upham, M.Ed. 
Recruiter, School of Graduate Studies & Research 

Financial Assistance

Teacher certification students at Edinboro University are not eligible for graduate-level loans unless they are also admitted into a master’s degree program. If you have exhausted the maximum amount at the undergraduate level, you will not be eligible for Stafford Loan Funding. Additional information about financial aid is available through the Office of Financial Aid, (814) 732-2821 or toll-free 1-888-611-2680.

Penn State Behrend Coursework

History majors may satisfy several of the course requirements to enter the Social Studies Teaching Certification program by choosing specific courses as part of their HSTBA requirements.

For 18 out of the 30 credits of Additional Courses, complete the following:

  • HIST 10 World History until 1820 (3)
  • HIST 11 World History since 1820 (3)
  • HIST 20 American History to 1877 (3)
  • HIST 21 American History since 1877 (3)
  • HIST 301W Scope and Methods of History (3)
  • HIST 4**: choose at least one U.S. history course at the 400-level (3)
  • HIST 4**: choose at least one World history course at the 400-level (3)

For the 3 credits of World under Supporting Courses, complete:

  • ANTH 045 Cultural Anthropology

History majors must also take the following courses that can be counted toward general education (GS) or BA degree requirements, or as electives. Taking such courses can easily be completed within the 124 credits needed to complete a Penn State Behrend history degree in four years.

  • ECON 102 Introductory Micro Economics (GS)
  • ECON 104 Introductory Macro Economics (GS)
  • GEOG (GS) – any two 3-credit courses
  • PL SC 001 Introduction to American National Government (GS)
  • PL SC 003 Introduction to Comparative Politics (GS)
  • PL SC 482 American State and Urban Politics – *this course fulfills two of Edinboro’s required courses on PA state and local politics
  • PSYCH 100 Introduction to Psychology (GS)
  • PSYCH 221 Introduction to Social Psychology (GS)
  • SOC 001 Introduction to Sociology (GS)
  • C I 295 Introductory Field Experience for Teachers

Edinboro University Coursework

Professional Education Courses for Certification:

  • SPED725 Seminar in Mild to Moderate Disabilities
  • SPED710 Seminar in Exceptionalities
  • SEDU702 Teaching in Contemporary Multicultural Classroom
  • SEDU607 Content Literacy in Mid./Sec. School
  • SEDU700 Educational Assessment in Mid./Sec.
  • SEDU731 Selection, Utilization and Prod. of Inst. Materials
  • SEDU774 Contemporary Problems in Public Education
  • SEDU675 Teaching Methods for Mid./Sec. Classrooms
  • SEDU695 Student Teaching
  • SEDU475 Field Experience

Courses in addition to 600 & 700 level listed above needed to complete Masters in Education of Middle/Secondary Instruction:

  • SEDU692 Seminar on Teaching Adolescents
  • EDUC788 Research in Education
  • SEDU786 Secondary & Middle School Instruction
  • SEDU797 Action Research in Education

Additional Requirements

While attending Penn State Behrend:

  • Consult with your academic adviser throughout your Penn State Behrend career to meet undergraduate requirements.
  • Obtain PA Child Abuse History Clearance
  • Obtain PA Criminal History Record Check
  • Obtain FBI Criminal History—Fingerprinting
  • Apply to Edinboro University, final semester of senior year. Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State Behrend.


  • Robert Speel, Penn State Behrend, Political Science
  • John Rossi, Penn State Behrend, History
  • Emily Artello, Penn State Behrend, Academic and Career Planning Center
  • Kate Damico Upham, Edinboro University 
    814-732-1327 |