Objectives and Outcomes

Objectives and Outcomes

Program Learning Objectives, Outcomes, and Assessment Measures

Students become involved in politics by encouraging voter registration.


  1. Educate students about political processes, theories, and governments in the United States and other countries and about international relations between those countries.
  2. Prepare students for a variety of careers or graduate and professional degree programs in fields such as law, government, education, politics, policy, and business.
  3. Offer students the analytical and research skills needed to understand and explain politics, government, and international relations.


  1. Understanding of the institutions, processes, constitutional background, and policy outcomes of American government and the ability to compare American government to other countries around the world
  2. Knowledge of key theories and concepts, historical developments, organizations, and modern issues in international relations
  3. Understanding of government institutions, electoral processes, and policies in a variety of countries around the world and the ability to compare the effectiveness or impact of differing political arrangements across countries
  4. Knowledge of some of the philosophical underpinnings of modern politics and government and the legal principles by which political disputes are often settled
  5. Ability to use the comparative case study method of analysis, quantitative forms of analysis, and legal analysis in oral communication and in written research

Assessment Measures

  1. A study every two years of the career paths and current jobs of our Political Science alumni
  2. Development of an alumni survey about the political science program