Simulation Lab Equipment

Simulation Lab Equipment

Nursing student starting IV in simulation lab

The NTLSC has a wide array of simulation equipment including high, moderate and low-fidelity simulators as well as a number of task-specific trainers.

Our high-fidelity patient simulators include the METI’s iStan, METIMan, ECS, Pediasim ECS and BabySim. These full body human-patient simulation mannequins are based on physiological and pharmacological modeling programs which emulate realistic patient responses based on the patient’s illness and the learner’s interventions. This assortment of mannequins allows us to match the best piece of equipment to facilitate the intended learning outcomes. This includes mobile simulation capabilities.

The Noelle 575 is a wireless/tetherless birthing mannequin which allows for practice of both uncomplicated and complicated perinatal and post-partum scenarios. Included with this system is Neonate HAL, a newborn simulation mannequin with realistic features and vital signs.

The low-fidelity mannequins include 4 Laerdal Nursing Anne’s with VitalSim, 1 Nursing Kid with VitalSim and 1 Nursing Baby with VitalSim. These simulation mannequins are used for task training, basic simulation scenarios as well as learning patient assessment.

Other task specific trainers are used to teach/practice psychomotor skills. Anatomic models are available for central line placement, oral tracheal intubation, placement of nasogastric tubes, tracheostomy care, peripheral IV insertion and central line care. Additionally, standard clinical equipment is used throughout the lab. Learners can become framiliar with equipment they have not utilized before, or when indicated trainees may bring equipment from their own area of practice to use for enhanced realism.

Additional equipment in the simulation lab includes an extensive system for A/V recording during simulation. Each of the 2 simulation suites has 3 PTZ video cameras as well as a high-fidelity microphone to capture A/V footage during the simulation scenario. Footage can be recorded onto our B-Line Medical unit for use during the post-simulation debriefing. The lab also contains an 80” Smart Board system as well as a 36” LCD screen for observing live and recorded simulation footage