Graduate Success Stories

Graduate Success Stories

Justin Walker Physics GradJustin Walker '06, B.S. in Physics

Electrical Engineer
GE Healthcare MR

"After receiving my B.S. in Physics at Penn State Behrend, I went directly into a physics graduate program at the University of Akron. For my M.S. thesis research, I collaborated with polymer and chemical engineers to develop various polymer nanofibers, and with surgeons from SUMMA Health Care to perform volumetric versus surface chemical composition analysis on metal alloys for prosthetics. To do this, I performed x-ray spectroscopy in an ultra-high vacuum (~10-12 mbar) chamber and scanning electron microscopy.

I also had the opportunity to characterize doping effects on the transition temperature of superconductor materials. This work was done at Kent State University using an instrument that can generate a 14 T magnetic field and achieve temperatures as low as 750 mK.

Currently, I am working as an Electrical Engineer designing Surface Coils for MRI machines at GE Healthcare MR in Aurora, Ohio. MRI applies a significant amount of impressive physics, and a Surface Coil acts as a sophisticated array of antennas that receive an RF signal from the body, which is processed into images."