Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Science Jobs

A science degree can be a gateway to many professions, both in and out of the laboratory. Some scientists are dedicated to understanding the fundamentals of the universe or the earth system. Others work in applied science, using basic knowledge to work in accounting, business, communications, defense, engineering, law, management, medicine, and related fields.

Who Hires Science Majors?

Your career options are limited only by your imagination, talent, and perseverance. Behrend Science graduates include pharmacists, educational consultants, optometrists, environmental specialists, field engineers, science teachers, analytical research chemists, and physicians. 

Career Planning

Penn State Behrend has a comprehensive support system that will help you to identify and achieve your goals for the college classroom and beyond. Meet with your academic adviser often and take advantage of the services offered by the Academic and Career Planning Center beginning in your first semester. 

Internships and Co-ops

Students in the School of Science can incorporate an internship experience into their academic program. These professional, career-related experiences in an organizational setting are valuable for a student's professional career development, and students may receive academic credit that applies to their degree program.

In addition, Penn State's Eberly College of Science Cooperative Education Program provides an excellent opportunity for Penn State Behrend students to integrate academic study with relevant experience in the workplace through alternating semesters of work and study.

If you are a student looking for more information on co-op and internship listings and how to apply, please contact your advisor or the Academic and Career Planning Center.