LionHELP Mobile App

LionHelp app screenshot: See caption for full description.

Need help, or know someone who does? Download the LionHELP app! The LionHELP mobile app is available for free from the App Store® or the Google Play™ store.

LionHELP for Penn State Behrend is a quick reference guide for recognizing, responding to, and referring distressed students at Penn State Behrend. This app is NOT meant to be a diagnostic tool, nor is it meant to serve as a substitute for getting help from a licensed professional.

The app consists of four sections that show you how to:

  • RECOGNIZE common indicators of stress
    Complete a survey to see how many indicators of distress you or someone on campus is exhibiting.
  • RESPOND in the most appropriate way
    Get tips for helping someone who is in distress.
  • REFER to options that can help
    If you are not sure what the best course of action is to help someone, this interactive flowchart can help you determine what the next steps might be.
  • See RESOURCES available at Behrend
    View a list of resources available on campus and off campus to help in stressful situations.

IMPORTANT: This app is only for students at Penn State Behrend, not students at any other Penn State campus.